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Harper Lee goes up to the counter and orders a grande cappuccino. She thinks it tastes great, and the other people in the shop seem to agree, so she never orders another drink again.

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not a historian just a person who reads wikipedia too much.

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[image description: top photo is Pierce saying you know what I think? I think you’re falling for him

middle photo: Bucky looking mad saying I am not. Who do you think I am? I lived in New York

bottom photo: Pierce looking annoyed saying You never lived anywhere! You’re a weapon designed for sex! You only think you lived in New York because I implanted your memories!]

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Spring: Guarding the Fields, Picking Seedlings and Planting Grain, and Encounters With Leeches


Much of the rice in China is grown in Jiangxi; the villagers of Libeishang had been planting it for generations. We had 600 hectares (1500 acres) of rice fields within Libeishang. 350 of these were in a duan, a large, flat area of fields. This duan was the largest and flattest in all of Lugang commune. The rest of the fields were in terraces, scattered throughout the surrounding mountains and ravines, no more than half an hour’s walk from the village.

We sowed most of our fields with “early rice,” with a few exceptions. We had a single 30-hectare field, “The Big One”, was so big that we had to wait for the spring floods to wet it fully. So we were only able to plant “late rice”. The villagers called it “cutting large grain” , which is also what they called it in ancient books. We also reserved about 30 hectares of fields for glutinous rice. This was essential for the ever-present rice wine, and was also useful for some traditional foods like zongzi (sometimes called “Chinese tamales”) and maci (mochi).

Guarding the fields

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This is really cool, but long, so reblogging as a link.

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the history thing you reblogged.

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I have a bunch of new followers after ~popular text post~ and uhm, hi.

This is my personal weird space. I also sometimes write games.

Right now my projects are learning Sumerian and translating and commenting on the Analects.

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Apparently there is an anti-Cracked tumblr community.

Nature is beautiful.



i just had a revelation and that is that the tv show for the politics fandom is ALWAYS ON

This is 100% true but a lot of the time it’s a really depressing, frustrating hot mess of a show. The representation is ridiculous, all your faves are problematic, the fandom is engaged in constant flame wars, and there are whole SEASONS where virtually nothing happens.

My fave got killed for ratings over a century ago but I keep hoping they’ll bring him back.

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Christ, what an asshole.

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The British media has started saying “photographs and videos of children being sexually abused” rather than “child porn.”

I really like this phrasing.

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